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ZBlood Screamshot

Developer: ZBlood Team

Publisher: Doom WAD Station, Filefront

Designer: J. S. Graham, Joseph Otey

Engine: ZDoom

Version: 2.0

Released: N/A

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

Platforms: PC (Linux and Windows), Macintosh


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

ZBlood (sometimes spelt Zblood or zblood) is a game that runs on the ZDoom engine, which is a modified version of id Software's Doom engine. ZBlood itself is a modified version of the Doom II WAD, Blood TC. However ZBlood includes many new weapons, levels and features and is currently being updated while Blood TC is no longer being worked on.


[edit] Story

ZBlood's story is set in the year 1929, a year after the events of Blood. After your victory over the dark god Tchernobog, you finally return to your grave for a little R&D - rest and decomposition. It has been nearly a year since your encounter at the Hall of Epiphany, but you seem troubled. Somehow it was too easy to dispose of the dark lord. It was almost as though he wanted you to beat him. Suddenly you stir. In your mind you can hear the voice of your master laughing, his voice taunting you. You can take it no longer and decide to awaken once again and confront the Cabal.

[edit] Levels

  • MAP01: Cradle to Grave
  • MAP02: Grave to Street (New Custom Map)
  • MAP03: The Sick Ward
  • MAP04: Welcome to your life (Plasma Pak Level)
  • MAP05: Mall of the Dead
  • MAP06: Un-holy Crap (New Custom Map)
  • MAP07: Gothic Library (Cryptic Passage Level)
  • MAP08: Camp Crystal Lake (Level track is a midi from Blood Alpha)
  • MAP09: Wrong side of the Tracks
  • MAP10: Phantom Express
  • MAP11: Dark Carnival
  • MAP12: House of Horrors
  • MAP13: Butchery loves Company
  • MAP14: The Siege
  • MAP15: The Overlooked Hotel (Includes Rest for the Wicked as well)
  • MAP16: In the Flesh
  • MAP17: Hallowed Grounds
  • MAP18: The Great Temple
  • MAP19: Bowels of the Earth
  • MAP20: Boggy Creek (Cryptic Passage Level)
  • MAP21: Steamboat Willies (Cryptic Passage Level)
  • MAP22: Shipwrecked
  • MAP31: Re-return to the Cathedral (Secret Level, inspired by a similar level from Thief)

Note: Some of ZBlood's levels such as 'Cradle to Grave' are not exact remakes of the originals, becauseZDoom the Doom engine cannot do true Rooms-Above-Rooms.

[edit] Enemies, Items and Weapons


  • Ackolyte (Clothed in Green, armed with dynamite only)
  • Priest (Clothed in Red, armed with a revolver. They do not transform into the Beast as found in Plasma Pak)
  • Cultist (Clothed in Brown, armed with Sawed Off Shotguns)
  • Fanatic (Clothed in Grey, armed with Tommy Sub-Machine Guns)
  • Axe Zombie (Close combat)
  • Bloated Butcher (Hurl a ridiculous amount of butcher knives)
  • Bat (Act like Doom's Lost Souls)
  • Gargoyle (Act like Doom's Cacodemons, slow and hurl bones)
  • Gill Beasts (Close combat, encountered underwater)
  • Hell Hound (Act like Doom's Arachnotrons, slow and fire flame projectiles)
  • Phantasms (Act like Doom's Pain Elementals, slow and summon bats)
  • Beast (Act like Doom's Arch-Viles; fast, can set the player on fire from afar, and can resurrect dead enemies)
  • Tchernobog (The Dark God, The Dreaming One, The One that Binds)

Note: All Cultists can lob sticks of TNT as an alternate attack


  • Body Armour (Gives you 100 points of Armour)
  • Super Armour (Gives you 200 points of Armour)
  • Guns Akimbo (When picked up, you carry two weapons at once. Currently, this only works for the flare pistol, sawed-off, tommy gun and napalm launcher)
  • Life Seed (Acts as the Soul Sphere from Doom, giving you 100 health, up to 200 total)
  • Reflective Shots (Actually acts as the Megasphere from Doom giving you 200 health and armour)
  • Medicine Pouch (Actually acts as an Ammo Pack from Doom, increasing your maximum amount of ammo you can carry for most weapons.)
  • Cloak of Invisibility (Makes you partially invisible meaning enemies find it harder to target you)


Note: Some Weapons have both a primary and secondary attack just like Blood.

  • 1 - Pitchfork
  • 2 - Revolver (Not a Blood weapon) and Flare Gun (Primary - a single flare which lodges into enemies flesh. Secondary - a burst of flares but is not arranged in a star pattern as in Blood.
  • 3 - Sawed-Off Shotgun (Primary - fires one barrel. Secondary - fires both barrels at once)
  • 4 - Tommy Gun (Primary - rapid fire of bullets. Secondary - sprays bullets across a room)
  • 5 - Napalm Launcher (Primary - Hurls a flaming ball of napalm which explodes on impact and deals after burn damage. Secondary - Releases a ball of flame which explodes on ground.)
  • Dynamite or TNT (Primary - Explodes on impact but lacks the ability to charge shots as in Blood to increase throwing distance. Secondary - Let's the whole fuse burn allowing it to be tossed around corners.)
  • 6 - Aerosol Can (Primary - Unleashes flame projectiles which act like Doom's Plasma Gun. Secondary - Light one up like a Molotov cocktail to toss into crowds.)
  • 7 - Life Leech (Unleashes a series of searing orbs at a high rate)
  • 0 - Voodoo Doll (Primary - Caleb stabs the doll in different areas to remove opponent's life force. Secondary - Fires a blue voodoo spirit that acts like a BFG blast.

[edit] ZBlood Authors

ZBlood logo
ZBlood logo
  • Joseph Otey (Doorhenge)
  • J. S. Graham (Psyren) - Map01,02,06,07,09,13,14,16,18
  • Maxim Genis (DoomJedi) - Face Sprites

[edit] ZBlood +

ZBlood + is a fork of the original ZBlood project started by Callum Sanderson and Michaelis because of the inactivity of the original project. The projects goal is to continue where the original left off, by adding better graphics, lighting effects, more levels, better monster code, and other overall changes to make it a more Bloody experience and "really push the Doom engine to it's limits". It is recommended that the GZDoom port should be used to run ZBlood +.

[edit] External Links

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