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This is the user page of the assistant moderator of this Wiki. For the Blood II character see: Gideon

"I see ourselves as the new Planet Blood, only with a lot more collaboration and being a lot more encyclopedic!" - Me


Name: Graham Lawrence Wilson

Gender: Male

Born: May 13, 1994 (age sixteen)

Location: Ranch near Seba Beach, Alberta, Canada

Occupation: Student, Rancher

Nationality: Canadian, New Zealand (By Descent)

Notable Works: Blood Wiki, Shogo Sub-Section, Shogo: The Aftermath

Religion: Atheist

Politics: Marxist

Call-sign: VA6GPL

Influences: Artistic: John Carmack, Warren Zevon, Douglas Adams, Grant Naylor, Ben Croshaw. Intellectual: Karl Marx, Richard Dawkins, Jared Diamond, Richard Stallman

Gideon, whose real name is Graham Lawrence Wilson. Is the assistant moderator of this Wiki. He and his twin brother created the Blood Wiki after not being able to find another on the world wide web. Gideon first played Blood around 2005ish CE. He found the violence and game play to be interesting but did not understand the plot and eventually grew tired of the game. Later he played the game again and, through Wikipedia, learned the plot. He then became an avid Blood fanatic and started to play the game over and over. He then played Blood II: The Chosen in the summer of the year 2007. He and his brother made this Wiki in early 2008. He takes on the name "Gideon" on the Wiki to represent his important role in the Wiki. He is interested in politics and economics, philosophy, hacking and hacker culture, gaming, writing, computer animation, paleontology and history, reverse engineering, naturalism, marksmanship, and ranching/poultry-raising.

"A cultist sat on a railroad track, his heart was intent on murder. The came the midnight Phantom Express, no more fanatic nutter!" - A rhyme by me based on another from Spock versus Q.

"... that after ramming U-405, crewmen of USS Borie (DD-215) fought the sub's crewmen with Tommy guns, rifles, pistols, shotguns and a flare pistol, and even by throwing a knife and an empty shell casing?" - November 28, 2009 - Most Blood-ish Wikipedia "Did you know?" I have seen.


Blood/Shogo Works

Ha ha! That's me! Opps! Wrong Build!
Ha ha! That's me! Opps! Wrong Build!

Caleb the Undead Calf

In March 2008 one of my heifers gave birth to a calf, unfortunately she was a new mother (and had never saw her own with a calf) and did not know that she was supposed to FEED him! So after a day of nearly dying of weakness we had to hand feed him, which involved tying his mother to a tree with a lasso (that was hard, though that is the good thing about horns. They work as hold on points!) and dragged the calf to his mother's teats (also supplemented by feeding the little thing with an old syrup bottle full of milk). In homage to this calf's "undead experience" we nicknamed it "Caleb". Not that we expected it to get out, steal our hunting rifle and hunt Cabal though. Damn that would have been cool! It is an interesting note that he was quite placid and oddly enough seemed to show signs of being more like Ishmael, serene rather than brutal. ;-D

The true purpose of the Wiki (In my opinion)

  • Unite the remaining Bloodites into one army (Mu ha ha ha ha!)
  • Create a master tome of Blood knowledge (Built by the community).
  • Raise the undead (who says we can't?)
  • Acknowledge the sweat and work of the Bloodites and recognize their work (in the non-canon sections).
  • Try to put an end between the Blood versus Blood II wars, as they are in fact getting quite annoying (I personally love both games, but if you only like one do not be a bigot about it! They are also hardly benefiting the cause).
  • Start thinking Blood III man!

Blood Merchandise

If we had money to produce them... Of course then Willis would have to buy all of them (nice collection by the way, if you ever read this)!

  • "I live... Again!" T-Shirt, how to raise from your grave in style!
  • LED Life Leach, Damn that would be sweet!
  • Black Hat, Trench Coat, Red Eye Mask, and Plastic Sawed Off! Perfect Christmas Gift!
  • Stephan Weyte Voice Transformer, the ultimate in verbal warfare!
  • Cabal Robes, Cultist Language and Ritual guides, and Official Certificate.

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