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Transfusion Screamshot


Developer: Transfusion Project

Engine: Dark Places

Version: 1.0.5 (Beta 2)

Released: In-Development

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Multiplayer (Singleplayer using bots)

Transfusion (formerly known as QBlood, also sometimes referd to as BloodBath) is a project to recreate Blood under the Dark Places engine which is a modified Quake engine. The Transfusion project aims at recreating the Blood levels, as well as the "Post Mortem", and "Cryptic Passage" episodes from the Blood expansion packs under a truly three dimensional engine. Currently the game only supports BloodBath games, though unlike Blood it supports bots using the FrikBots system.


[edit] Details

The project has the support of Monolith Productions and is allowed to use the Blood textures and sounds under fair use without fear of legal repercussions. Some high people in the project have suggested that some day they will make a Transfusion for Blood II: The Chosen under the free software Quake III engine (probably ioquake3), there are already recreations of some Blood II BloodBath levels included in Transfusion. The Transfusion levels and engine are free software under the GNU General Public License however most of the sounds, graphics and music are proprietary (and are mostly from Blood). These are owned by Monolith Productions and are used under permission. Transfusion runs on Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, *BSD, and Apple Macintosh OS X.

[edit] History

QBlood Fan Art
QBlood Fan Art
The Transfusion project began as the qBlood or QBlood project in 2001 shortly after the end of the Blood Source Campaign. It started out as a project to make a BloodBath modification for Quake deathmatch. In 2003 they decided to make a single player version called "Transfusion II: Caleb's Awaking" which would be powered by the free software Quake II engine. However they later decided to add single player functions to the original Transfusion as that would easier then starting from scratch in the Quake II engine (Transfusion later switched to the Dark Places engine fork of Quake). Later the Transfusion project received a note of encouragement from Monolith Productions. Transfusion also once appeared in a gaming magazine in a section discussing mods. Both version 1.0.0 was completed as well as a beta version sporting, most notably, superior models. These versions were reviewed by the Blood Wiki, Free Gamer, and Linux Gaming News in 2009.
The project continues...
The project continues...

The team's main goal currently is completing the single player modes - with such daunting tasks as coding in enemies, duplicating all of the levels, and adding in all the game's minor touches. The project went into a slump between 2005 and 2007, mostly due to departing staff. At one point in 2005, a project member even attempted to solicit help from the Linux Game Tome "Game of the Month" team to acquire more contributors. In 2009 it began to heat up again and in March 2010 discussion ensued over possible making Transfusion more friendly a platform for modding, and allowing material not identical to Blood itself into the project under certain conditions, as an attempt to add new life. This was followed in April 2010 with discussions on how to get the project developed again.

The project has experienced some active development in the past year, with new contributors such as Liberation working on models and code. The main emphasis at the moment seems to be the creation of a short singe-player demo to begin with, and maybe an infusion of Nexuiz code to improve the multiplayer gameplay. There has been some controversy over any single player plans, with project members citing the need for a stronger core game engine before working on it and the replacment of Quake-like gameplay and physics with aspects more closely resembling Blood. There were also plans for a monthly project IRC chat. However, on December 3, 2010 long-time project veteran Christopher Steele decided to leave the project, and fearing that he was the only one who had still had an interest in working on it, took down the Transfusion website. The website was later restored by William Weilep, who also took the downtime as an opportunity to upgrade the forum.

[edit] Community

Transfusion's community is one of the most active Blood communities on the Internet. This is probably due to the forum primarily talking about a new game: Transfusion, rather then ten year old games that are in the official Blood series. It has risen after the decline of Planet Blood and other such sites, and for several years it was the main source of developments inside the Blood community. It has has recently fallen into decline itself however, partially due to the rise of The Postmortem, but it still has some loyal members with hopes that activity will increase if there was a new Transfusion release. It is arguable that without the Transfusion community the Blood community might have basically died out. The community member count as of December 4, 2010 was 419 and it had a total of 25376 articles.

Fan Artwork Created by Transfusion Forum Users

"Halloween Fan Fiction" Written by Users of the Transfusion Forums (also A Bit of Fanfic)

The Carnage Continues Modification Released on the Transfusion Forums

Blood 2K5 Modification Released on the Transfusion Forums

Transfusion Caleb Model Released as Fan Art on DeviantART

Collections Largely Shown on the Transfusion Forums

[edit] Transfusion Authors

See Also: Bloodites

[edit] Active Contributors
Transfusion Logo
Transfusion Logo

Note: This is according to the Transfusion website, some may not be currently involved in actuality.

  • Forest Hale (LordHavoc): engine programmer and DarkPlaces engine creator.
  • Tomasz Mizerski (Predator): lead mapper.
  • Jeff Moore (Boss429): 2D artist.
  • Filip Walgraef (oBe): 2D artist.
  • William Weilep (Willis): lead programmer and web development and hosting.
  • Andrew Wrobel (Slink): mapper.
  • (Liberation): coding and graphics.

[edit] Retired Contributors

  • Christopher Steele (DustyStyx): 2D artist.
  • Roel van Alst (Da Weezle): programmer.
  • Sean Amato (Chingwu): 3D artist.
  • Shawn Barclay (Bloodite): mapper.
  • Greg Enright (frightfan): project co-founder and initial web development.
  • Rob Gove (RPG): mapper.
  • Timothy Hale (Protoplasmatic): project co-founder and creator of the Blood to Quake map converter.
  • Mathieu Olivier (Elric): project co-founder and former lead programmer.
  • Eugene Smozhevsky (-ED): mapper.
  • Dave Turner (Darth_Linux): former project coordinator and release manager, ftp hosting.
  • Joe Volante (ILiveAGAIN): mapper.
  • Luke Ashdown (Kazashi); 3D artist, former project coordinator and release manager.

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