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An add for JoJo
An add for JoJo

JoJo the Idiot Circus Boy (or Jo-Jo) is a recurring side character in the Blood universe. He has never been featured as an actual character, nor plays an actual role in the plot, but shows up in posters and advertisements on walls, particularly in the Dark Carnival in Blood where he is billed as the main attraction. The pictures on the posters indicate he is a circus freak, possibly resembling Bat Boy.

JoJo is not a single being but several people who run down through incarnations. He is depicted as commonly stored in a circus cage, lying on the floor only with hay. It also seems to be suggested that the JoJos had less than adequate sanitation and that they where often kept as forced workers. Many JoJos seem to have entered the circus freak role out of financial or social desperation, and often it was a trap both physically and emotionally. Though in Blood JoJo was also depicted as being scheduled to attend a book signing, probably his own, suggesting that life did improve for the freaks since the time of the previous descriptions.

His exact act is not known, but when Caleb enters his area in the Dark Carnival, there is a tightrope contraption over a pit of writhing snakes. There are also suggestions of magic tricks such as leading to carnival announcers hyping the show thusly "You will believe a potato can fly! Come see the amazing JoJo!". These magic tricks may have been tricks of the eye, or maybe in some cases actual magic.

The interstitials in Blood II: The Chosen reveal more about the traditions fate after the events of Blood. One notable entry states that it is used as a marketing brand by an unspecified corporation (possibly CabalCo).

In Blood II: The Nightmare Levels, Ishmael confesses that he had played JoJo in the circus, before he received a message from Tchernobog, commanding him to kill everyone and come to his side. He adds that visitors were encouraged to "throw little clumps of dirt at him", as was a common fate for many JoJos. Gabriel was also admitted to have visited the freak show every year as a child with his "Papa" and would torment that time's JoJo.

There is some debate over where Monolith Productions found the name JoJo, some postulate that it came from the real life professional attraction: JoJo the Dog Faced Boy. It has also been suggested that it could be a reference to some songs that have used the name JoJo, the truth is unknown to the Blood community. If it did come from the Dog Faced Boy than it shares a similar irony. The real man played a primitive savage half-man half-beast although according to many he was very intelligent, in a close parallel to Ishmael's role. This might have been a deliberate effect.

In Blood there is a cheat code "JoJo" that activates "Drunk Mode", which is exactly the same as being bitten by the red spider, causing delirium.

It was also the subject of the fan fiction: JoJo the Idiot Circus Boy focusing on Ishmael's stint and his escape.

JoJo (aka Ishmael) also has a brief cameo in the fan made movie Duke versus Caleb part three.

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