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Cheat codes or cheats are text strings which enable power-ups, increased health or other bonuses (or detriments) which affect the gameplay favoring the player.  This also makes the game unfair, and many people frown on others using cheat codes to beat the game, considering it the "easy way out".  

[edit] Blood

To enter a cheat code, during gameplay, hit the "T" key (or key assigned to text).  This disables movement and enables the text prompt in the upper left corner of the screen.  Type any of the text strings below and press enter to enable the associated effect.

  • voorhees: Displays the message "I WILL NOT CHEAT, I WILL NOT CHEAT" and if repeated "I AM A COMPULSIVE CHEATER".
  • edmark: Displays the message "THOSE WERE THE DAYS"
  • clarice: 100% body armor, 100% fire armor, 100% spirit armor
  • griswold: Full armor (same effect as getting super armor)
  • spork: 200% health (same effect as getting life seed)
  • cousteau: 200% health (same effect as getting life seed) and diving suit
  • krueger: 200% health, but sets you on fire. Displays the message "FLAME RETARDANT"
  • funkyshoes: Jump Boots
  • montana: All items
  • satchel: All items
  • keymaster: All keys
  • idaho: All weapons and full ammo
  • lara croft: All weapons and infinite ammo. Displays the message "LARA RULES"
  • hongkong: All weapons and infinite ammo
  • bunz: All weapons, full ammo, and guns akimbo power-up
  • mpkfa: Invincibility (Caleb receives no damage). This is a homage to Doom's IDKFA cheat (which gives all keys, health, and armor).
  • nocapinmyass: Invincibility
  • capinmyass: Disable invincibility
  • iwannabelikekevin: Invincibility (Kevin Kilstrom is one of the main programmers of Blood)
  • kevorkian: Instant death
  • onering: Invisibility (same effect as getting Phantom Cloak)
  • goonies: Enable full map
  • spielberg: Disables all cheats
  • jojo: Drunk mode (same effect as getting bit by red spider)
  • fork broussard: Drunk mode, no weapons (George Broussard is one of the people listed under "Special Thanks" in the credits)
  • mcgee: Sets you on fire. Displays the message "YOU'RE FIRED".
  • sterno: Temporary blindness (same effect as getting bit by green spider)
  • eva galli: Disable clipping (grant the ability to walk through walls)
  • rate: Display frame rate
  • calgon: Skip current level
  • mario: Warp to any level. Brings up a window to choose episode, then one to choose level. This can also be used to enter BloodBath levels in single player mode (episode 5).

[edit] Blood II: The Chosen

Cheat codes are entered the same way as they were in the previous game.  Not all the codes featured in the previous game will work here, and some have different effects.  Each has the prefix "mp" which stands for Monolith Productions

  • mpscorpio: Displays the message "Brian L. Goble is a programming god!" (Brian Goble was a Blood II Engineer)
  • mpgoble: Displays the message "Brian L. Goble is a programming god!" (Brian Goble was a Blood II Engineer)
  • mptotaro: Displays the message "Jim Totaro is da man!" (Jim Totaro was an IS associate on Blood II)
  • mpfollowme: Changes to 3rd-person perspective (over-the-shoulder view)
  • mpassaultrifle: Drops an Assault Rifle
  • mpberetta: Drops a Beretta
  • mpbugbuster: Drops a Insect-a-cutioner
  • mplaserrifle: Drops a Cabalco Death Ray
  • mpflaregun: Drops a Flare gun
  • mphowitzer: Drops a Howitzer
  • mpminigun: Drops a Vulcan Cannon
  • mpnapalmcannon: Drops a Napalm Launcher
  • mpshotgun: Drops a sawed-off shotgun
  • mpsingularity: Drops a Singularity Generator
  • mpsniperrifle: Drops a sniper rifle
  • mpsubmachinegun: Drops a Submachine Gun
  • mpteslacannon: Drops a Tesla Cannon
  • mplifeleech: Drops a Life Leech
  • mptheorb: Drops The Orb
  • mpvoodoo: Drops a Voodoo Doll
  • mpnicenurse: Adds 25 health points
  • mpreallynicenurse: 300 health
  • mphealthy: Refill health (resurrect if dead)
  • mpnecroward: 100 armor
  • mpgoshopping: All items
  • mpkfa: All weapons
  • mpbeansofcoolness: All weapons. Displays the message "Monolith Rulez..."
  • mpammo: Refills ammo to capacity
  • mpcaleb: Change character model to Caleb (does not change statistics)
  • mpophelia: Change character model to Ophelia (does not change statistics)
  • mpgabby: Change character model to Gabriella (does not change statistics)
  • mpishmael: Change character model to Ishmael (does not change statistics)
  • mpgod: Invincibility
  • mpbeefcake: Increase gore and blood
  • mpwhereami: Display coordinates
  • mphideme: Hide coordinate display
  • mpspeedupX: Increase speed statistic, where X is a number from 1 to 5 (5 being max speed)
  • mpstrongerX: Increase strength statistic, where X is a number from 1 to 5 (5 being max strength)
  • mpherkermur: 3x damage mode (same effect as getting The Anger)
  • mptakeoffshoes: Invisibility (same effect as getting stealth talisman)
  • mpcarbonfiber: Decrease damage taken by 95% (same effect as getting willpower talisman)
  • mpkillmall: Kills all monsters on level
  • mpkillemall: Kills all enemies on level
  • mpclip: Disables clipping (grants ability to fly and walk through walls, but disables weapons, much like spectator mode)
  • mpsuperzug: unknown
  • mpfollowme - change from 1st to 3rd person camera view when patched with patch 1.01 for the retail version.
  • world X: Warps to any level where X is the map name. For example, if you wanted to go to Chapter 1, Level 9: The Underground, you would type in "world 15_crypt". (Note: This must be entered in the console, not the message prompt) Below is the list of maps.
    • 01_subwaya
    • 02_cityhub
    • 02_cityhubb
    • 02_cityhubc
    • 03_museum
    • 04_steamtunnels
    • 05_cdm
    • 05_cdmb
    • 06_airship1
    • 06_airship2
    • 07_cathedral
    • 08_subwayb
    • 09_abandoned_buildings
    • 10_sewagetreatmentplant
    • 11_slaughter_house
    • 12_trainstation
    • 12_trainstaionb
    • 13_downtown
    • 14_subwayc
    • 15_crypt
    • 16_bridge
    • 17_entrance
    • 18_temple
    • 19_lobby
    • 19_lobbyb
    • 19_lobbyc
    • 20_powerstation
    • 21_laboratory
    • 22_office
    • 23_rooftop
    • 24_ancientcity
    • 24b_arena
    • 25_ancientone
    • credits
    • end

Nightmare Levels codes:


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